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The impact of Yoga on those with PD
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Yoga improves balance, reduces anxiety, builds strength, and creates a sense of wellbeing.

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In my former career as a newspaper reporter, I covered exciting and riveting criminal cases in one of the busiest courtrooms in America. Every day, I had a front-row seat for intense human drama.

Yet, that experience pales in comparison to the exhilaration I’ve witnessed as a yoga teacher in the past 12 years, when a student with Parkinson’s Disease stands up from a chair with ease, smiling with accomplishment.

That’s what teaching Yoga for Parkinson’s is like. It’s delivering hope, accomplishment, grace and fluidity of movement to people who struggle daily to lift their foot or put on their jacket.

Theresa Conroy Yoga Therapist specializes in Yoga for Parkinson's Disease,Photo by Rebecca Barger

Yoga seems to fill a gap left by the faulty communication between brain and body. Teaching Yoga for Parkinson’s is part mindfulness, part mind-body communication, part strength, part balance, part flexibility, part dance, part music, part breath.

I have seen a man with uncontrollable tremors settle into stillness in Savasana. I’ve helped a woman strengthen her gait enough to walk with ease down the aisle at her daughter’s wedding.

I’ve witnessed moments of enlightenment, glimpses of hope and an abundance of optimism.

There are many more moments like this waiting to happen. I want to share them with you.


Do you, a friend or family member have Parkinson’s Disease? Is mobility or ease of movement a challenge? Yoga can help. Here’s where you can learn more.


Are you a yoga teacher who would like to reach clients with Parkinson’s Disease? Let me share my passion with my online teacher training program.

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