Yoga & PD research project

Researchers are seeking volunteers to help them evaluate Yoga’s impact on those living with Parkinson’s. Please consider participating in this important work. All interviews for the study will be conducted online, so your safety is assured.

Parkinson’s Disease

Research Volunteers Needed

You may be eligible to participate in a research study if: 

  • You are 60 to 80 years old, 
  • Have a diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease, 
  • May or may not have taken yoga, and
  • Are able to understand, read, speak, and write in English.

What is the goal of the study? To understand:

  • The experience of healing that does not result in a cure in people with Parkinson’s disease and the impact of yoga on this experience. 
  • How some people perceive they feel better without being cured of their disease or it going away.

What is involved if I participate?

You will be asked to complete several questionnaires. Meetings may occur by 1 or 2 telephone calls and a couple of visits in person with a Bryn Mawr Rehab Outpatient Network Investigator. Communication options include email, regular mail, videoconference, etc. Study participation will be completed within a 30-day period.

  • No medications, lab tests, or procedures will be performed.
  • No health insurance is needed.
  • There is no cost for you to participate.

Call Sharon Hicks, Occupational Therapist today for more information. 

She works with Stephan Gollomp, MD on the study team.


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