Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve ordered your video. How can I watch it?
Your video is available at When you ordered the video, you received a link to a password-protected page with the video. The link can be found on the order confirmation page (example below) that you were directed to after completing your purchase AND in the email confirmation of your order (example below).
  1. Click on the highlighted download tab.
  2. After being directed to the appropriate page, you will be asked to enter the password.
  3. After confirming your password, the site will re-direct you to your video.
Order Confirmation Page – Click to enlarge
Email confirmation – Click to enlarge
Can I download the video file?
No. Because the video is password-protected, it can not be downloaded, only streamed.
Do I have to enter my password every time I view the video?
No. Most browsers allow you to save passwords. After entering your password for the first time, your browser will prompt you to save the password. Do it!
I lost my password. What do I do now?
Search your emails. does not maintain passwords.
I purchased one video and love it. Now I want the rest of the videos. What do I do?
You can purchase each of the videos separately. Or, if you want to purchase the entire package, we’ll offer you a discount code as a loyal customer. Just write us at the email address below, with “Discount please” in the subject line.
Your videos are beautiful! Who filmed them and where?
They’re the work of Joe Longo, a terrific photographer in Philadelphia. We love him! They were filmed at the Lafayette Hill studio of Theresa Conroy, designed and built by her husband, Don Russell.
Contacting Us
If there are any questions regarding your videos, please write us at the address below.
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