Learn to teach yoga for Parkinson’s

Yoga for Parkinson’s improves balance, reduces anxiety, builds strength, and creates a sense of wellbeing. You can learn how to share its benefits with people with PD. 

Comprehensive online teacher training from certified yoga therapist Theresa Conroy.

Now featuring a 1-day self-paced course

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Yoga for PD Online Teacher Training can help you…

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Develop a highly desired specialty

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Reach an under-served audience

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Design effective class sequences

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Work confidently with disabilities​

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Find financial support for classes

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Broaden your teaching practice

Do you or somebody you know have Parkinson’s Disease?

Yoga can strengthen the mind-body relationship, improve balance, create strength and stability, loosen tight muscles, reduce anxiety and depression, and create fluidity of movement.

Learn how yoga can help you

Scientific studies confirm the benefits of exercise and yoga.

Schedule a class with Theresa Conroy

One-on-one practices with evaluation of your symptoms.

Find a certified yoga teacher near you

Get personal attention from a teacher trained by Yoga for Parkinson’s.

Download a yoga therapy video

Practice therapeutic yoga anytime, with videos focused on balance, strength, stress and more.

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Do yoga right now, while you’re in your chair!

Do you have Parkinson’s Disease or another mobility disorder? You can feel the benefits of yoga sitting in your chair! Practice along with this easy, 3-minute yoga exercise with Theresa Conroy.


Yoga for parkinson’s streaming videos

Yoga for Parkinson's senior therapy video
Yoga for Parkinson's senior therapy video
Yoga for Parkinson's senior therapy video
Yoga for Parkinson's senior therapy video
Yoga for Parkinson's senior therapy video
Yoga for Parkinson's senior therapy video
Yoga for Parkinson's senior therapy video



This training is educational and extremely rewarding. When students tell me they sleep better or their body feels better, I am thrilled that I helped make a difference because of the training that I received.
Yoga for Parkinson's leaf logoSuzanne Levy-PolikoffTeacher

I have referred several patients to Theresa Conroy for Yoga Therapy and have witnessed these benefits first hand.
Yoga for Parkinson's leaf logoDr. Tsao-Wei LiangThomas Jefferson University Hospital

Theresa is a joy to work with. She’s a true professional with a wealth of knowledge and experience. Our students at Inner Peace Yoga Therapy learn so much by mentoring and working with her and, as the program director, I have the confidence that they are in good hands.
Yoga for Parkinson's leaf logoMichele LawrenceFounder, director

My experience with the Yoga for PD course has added to my own growth and development as a yoga teacher, but more importantly, it’s helped me take an active role in my mother’s PD diagnosis.Theresa has a calm, inviting presence.
Yoga for Parkinson's leaf logoJessica PennellaInstructor

Discovering Theresa’s website has been a game changer both in my life and the lives of people that I have worked with. Yoga helps people who have Parkinson’s Disease lessen the effects of this terrible disease and get on with their life! It’s that simple. It works!
Yoga for Parkinson's leaf logoJohn TannerInstructor

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