FREE Yoga for PD workshop

Join me online SATURDAY, OCT. 24, AT 10:30AM, for a FREE workshop: Creating a Home Practice During this 90-minute session, you will learn the most effective way of bringing Yoga into your daily life. Creating a home practice will enable you to feel more flexible, mobile, calm and balanced throughout the day. You'll practice postures you can do in your chair, while watching TV, while working in the kitchen, even in your bed. No previous Yoga experience is needed. All you need is a computer, IPad or phone to hook into the Zoom stream, a chair and a countertop or windowsill. We are able to offer this workshop free thanks to support from The Parkinson Council. Pre-registration is required. Class held via Zoom. Reserve your spot today! REGISTER FOR FREE NOW (The Zoom invitation will be sent in a confirmation email) REGISTER NOW

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Face exercises to hit a nerve

Some common symptoms of Parkinson’s involve the face, head, throat and neck. Some people with PD have a blank or neutral facial expression. Other people have difficulty swallowing, blinking or speaking. Some lose their sense of smell. A common location of dystonia, an involuntary muscle contraction, occurs in the neck. Balance, partly related to ears and eyes, is often compromised with PD. Even a common non-motor symptom seemingly unrelated to the others--anxiety--has a link to this area. These issues all relate to the work of various cranial nerves. We have 12 pairs of cranial nerves. They all originate in parts of the brain.  Some enervate the muscles that move the eyes. Others govern taste on parts of the tongue, chewing, the movement of the shoulders and neck, balance, sense of smell. One even helps regulate the fight-or-flight and rest-and-digest nervous systems.  There are cranial nerves that create movement, nerves that receive sensory input, and others that do both. It seems logical to me that stimulating those…

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Introducing A Month of Wellness

My new A Month of Wellness memberships gives you access to classes, videos, private sessions, resources, interviews with experts, wellness tips and news about PD. The subscription will provide all you need to stay informed and engaged while managing your wellness. There are no contracts or sign-up fees for the subscriptions. You can cancel at any time.  Find the membership level that meets your needs:  BASIC MEMBERSHIP Access to 8 classes a monthA private online evaluation to help meet your goalsDiscount on streaming Yoga for PD videos Discount on private online Yoga Therapy sessionsThe monthly newsletter with content unavailable anywhere else BUY NOW for $55 per monthBUY NOW full year subscription for just $49 per month PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP Access to 8 classes a monthA private online evaluation to help meet your goalsA free monthly online private Yoga Therapy sessionFree access to Yoga for PD streaming videosThe monthly newsletter with content unavailable anywhere else BUY NOW for $165 per monthBUY NOW full year subscription for just $149 per month…

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