Comprehensive teacher training from Yoga Therapist Theresa Conroy

Yoga improves balance, reduces anxiety, builds strength, and creates a sense of wellbeing.  Learn how to share its benefits with people with Parkinson’s Disease.

Join our extensive, full certification course… or get the basics with our NEW one-day self-paced course. 

Three Yoga for PD Courses
to Fit Your Needs


Yoga for Parkinson's senior yoga pose
  • This shortened course provides basic, non-certification training for yoga teachers and therapists eager to broaden their practices to work with clients and others with Parkinson's Disease. Designed for those with knowledge of yoga.

    Start today - Complete at your own pace


Yoga for Parkinson's senior therapy pose


Yoga for Parkinson's senior therapy pose
  • Our extensive four-month online training,

    *3 hours of one-to-one mentoring via Zoom.
    *3 months of personalized email support/feedback
    *Lifetime access to all course materials.

    Full mentorship with Theresa Conroy, C-IAYT

What you'll learn

Our full certification course provides extensive training in key facets of Parkinson’s Disease and how yoga helps.*

*Our self-paced course provides basic training with a shortened curriculum that does not include all of the above. See course outlines for more details.


got questions about yoga for pd teacher training?

We schedule our four-month certification training twice a year, beginning in March and September. Exact dates are listed here. (Anxious to get started? You can take our basic, self-paced course at any time.)

The self-paced course is shorter and can be completed on your own. It provides a solid introduction to the disease, focusing on modifications to yoga practices for those who suffer with PD. There is no live component. Upon completion, you may promote yourself as “trained in teaching Yoga for PD.”

The longer course provides much more depth, with live webinars and mentoring. It includes a final project leading to IAYT-recognized certification to teach Yoga for PD. In addition to the pre-recorded modules, this course includes videos of a variety of class sequences to be adapted for your own use. Those who achieve certification are invited to be included in Yoga for Parkinson’s online international directory of certified teachers.

The certification course requires a 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training certificate. The self-paced course is open to anyone–health care pros, yoga practitioners, family members, fitness experts, and others. 


The self-paced training offers 4 hours of continuing education units with Yoga Alliance, where Theresa Conroy is a registered CEU provider.

The certificate program offers 18 CEUs with Yoga Alliance, and is an Approved Professional Development program with the International Association of Yoga Therapists.

The self-paced course includes 1.5 hours of pre-recorded lessons, a recorded lesson on teaching a full Chair Yoga class, and short online quizzes after each of the module.

The full certification course includes four pre-recorded modules, classes and sequences, plus one monthly 60-minute live-streamed webinar paced over a four-month period. Each module includes a homework assignment. Certification is obtained after offering 2-4 private classes with a PD client and completing a case study.

I am committed to improving access to yoga and yoga therapy for those with Parkinson’s Disease–especially those patients who face barriers to receiving treatment for the disease. I have created a scholarship program to provide full financial assistance to individuals from oppressed groups who intend to share these teachings with those with PD in their community after successfully completing the Yoga for Parkinson’s Disease training.

We offer a monthly payment plan for the certification training, and provide a discount for early bird signups. Full payment is required for the self-paced training.

All lessons are presented online at this website. The self-paced course includes quizzes to test your knowledge. The certified training includes four one-hour teleconferences with other students via Zoom.

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