Yoga for Parkinson's Video Series

Streaming videos for in-home practice produced by Theresa Conroy, certified yoga therapist

Posture Yoga Exercises


Proper alignment and a strong posture are crucial for freedom of movement, balance, stability, confidence, and even the ability to take a deep breath. This video will show you easy ways to improve your posture by exercising at home—in a chair or standing against a wall.

  • Time: 25 minutes.
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Do you have poor posture? Are you aching? If so, you can improve your posture with these yoga exercises for Parkinson’s. If you follow these streaming videos, then you can improve your life. Further, you can do these easy-to-learn exercises in the privacy of your home.

We created this video to help you how to stand straight, a big step toward improving your life as a person with Parkinson’s.

To learn more, check out our full series of yoga exercises for Parkinson’s Disease videos that you can do in the comfort of your own home.

Theresa Conroy is a certified yoga therapist and a nationally recognized authority on yoga for Parkinson’s Disease.



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