Yoga for Parkinson's Video Series

Streaming videos for in-home practice produced by Theresa Conroy, certified yoga therapist

Yoga Mat Exercises


This video is a complete practice for those who want to stretch out on a Yoga mat. These floor postures will help build strength, stability and flexibility. The ability to relax and release muscle tension is enhanced by releasing the body into the floor.

  • Time: 25 minutes.
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Do you have Parkinson’s Disease? Can you do yoga mat exercises? We can show you how to take your yoga practice from a chair to a full range of yoga exercises for Parkinson’s Disease on a mat. If you follow these streaming videos, then you can improve your life. Further, you can do these easy-to-learn exercises in the privacy of your home.

To learn more, check out our full series of yoga exercises for Parkinson’s Disease videos that we offer.

Theresa Conroy is a certified yoga therapist and a nationally recognized authority on yoga for Parkinson’s Disease.


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